Newegg good service shoutout


January 17, 2014

Just a quick well-deserved post plugging newegg for taking care of me so well. I ordered some open-box hdd’s, clearly labeled as having a refund-only, no replacement policy. One of the disks I received was refurbished. I called to say no, that’s not what I ordered, suspecting a refund would be the only remedy offered. A refund would have bummed me out a little since I ordered 3 disks and ideally that’s how many I wanted at such an uncommonly good price. But, when I told that to the representative (who did initially just offer me a refund), he bypassed several standard policies to ship a replacement disk - before I had returned the refurb so that I would get one before their open-box stock ran out - shipped it overnight, and sent me a prepaid return label as well. The correct product arrived tonight, and all three disks are now original and show 0 hours previously powered on. Way to go Newegg!